Creative Kitchen Collection

Did you know that you are a conscious creator? Yes, you are…

In this very moment, you are choosing your thoughts and how you want to feel, and actually creating the life that you live and lead.

So it’s no surprise you find yourself here, seeking more ways to live consciously, purposefully and intentionally. You’re in the right place.

Welcome to The Conscious Creations Co.


This is The Conscious Creations Co, home to a range of heartfelt products created for you and your family to enjoy in the spirit of wellness, mindfulness and stupendous joy.

We are Shannon and Matthew, a wife and husband team who believe that every encounter and experience has purpose and reason and we want to infuse more purpose and reason into your days.

Our collections are designed to encourage you to align with what matters most and to remind you that you are a powerful and deliberate creator of this life.

Each of our collections has been consciously and carefully curated to serve your body, mind and soul in equal doses of love and passion.

Discover our new Creative Kitchen Collection  and bring conscious health and joy into your home!